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LED Lighting

Featuring Eyeleds® LED products

Prestige offers a solid state lighting (LED) line of products that allows you to accent and enhance any area of stairs or railings as well as the rest of your living space - indoors and outdoors. Eyeleds® are a patented Lighting Science brand product that is easy to install, built-in, walk-over lighting innovation based on LED technology. Eyeleds® solid state construction is built to withstand heavy use and they will illuminate the way for up to 100,000 hours and are completely safe in humid environments, such as bathrooms, saunas and pool areas. Eyeleds® consume from 0.3 watts in a round version to 0.6 watts in a square version and are cool to the touch, operating in conditions ranging from -40C to +65C.

With a profile of only 6.5 mm, Eyeleds® are perfect for commercial applications such as restaurants, retail establishments, entertainment facilities, sports facilities, theatres, casinos or hotels. They can be easily installed in carpet, hardwood, laminate, stone, porcelain and ceramic tile, quartz flooring, rubber, cork or bamboo. The options are almost endless. With a variety of designs, Eyeleds® are ideal for directional, accent or even task lighting. Eyeleds® are not only one of the most energy efficient products available, they enhance the look and feel of every project.

EyeLeds Brochure
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